SAR 09-05-09 (Race -1) My Projected Oddsline.

SAR 09-05-09 (Race -1) My Projected Oddsline.

In case anyones interested, I use PaceAppraiser for my contender selections and use the “Fiero Betting Templates and Method” to seek out the value play(s) for a given race. In this race I used a four contender template.

If any of these 4 contenders should happen to drop to 3/2 odds or lower, I will pass the race. If there are 3 overlays, I will pass the race. If there are 2 overlays, I will bet the horse closest to the top of my template or if they are both 8-1 or better, I will bet them both.




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3 Responses to SAR 09-05-09 (Race -1) My Projected Oddsline.

  1. partsnut says:

    With about 10 minutes to post time, it appears as though it’s between the 2 and the 3. the(3) at the present time is slightly overlayed and if the odds stay the same, then I’m on the (3) but if the (2) goes to post at 3-1 or better,I’m on the (2).

  2. partsnut says:

    The (3) is my bet.

  3. partsnut says:

    Results 7, 3, 5, 2
    We got 2nd – no cigar here.
    The eventual winner (7) was underlayed at 4-1

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