What I Feel Is The Best Way To Be Profitable At The Races

September 8, 2009

What I Feel Is The Best Way To Be profitable At The Races

As most of you may already know I have been using PaceAppraiser since it’s inception. It has been documented that I produced 44 winners out of 121 races in last Novembers Meadowlands Survival Challenge and had a healthy ROI as well. I used PaceAppraiser and The concepts from Randy Giles book. “Extreme Pace Handicapping” as a stand alone tool. After finishing 1st in the winners category I started to look at the value aspect of handicapping and was fortunate enough to purchase a copy of Steve Fieros “The Four Quarters Of Horse Investing”. This in combination with PaceAppraiser proved to be what I needed to take my game to the next level. I am of the belief that win betting is the only way to travel. There are those that claim to be successful betting exotics, Place and show, minus pools and two horse win betting. Being a proof positive person, I would need to see this before the fact on a long term basis, What my left eye sees, my right eyes will believe. Talk is cheap.

If there are those that are willing to show us all how they can do what they say they have done, we can all learn from them. I have no doubt that there are some very sharp people out there that can indulge us all with there accomplishments before the fact and in the long term. I’ve seen lots of rhetoricĀ  and hear say on this subject but nothing to substantiate Many faceless claims.