SAR 09-02-09 Race -4 (My Projected Odds Line)

September 1, 2009

I favor the 1 (Simplify) and would bet him at 2/1 or better. There is a good chance that this horse will be bet down to 3/2 odds or below and will be the legitimate favorite. This would cause me to pass the race. If there are 2 overlays, I would favor the one closest to the top. 3 overlays and I would pass.



My Projected Oddsline DMR Race – 8 ( 08-30-09 )

August 30, 2009

My Projected Oddsline DMR Race – 8 ( 08-30-09 )

I would favor the (9) here but it would have to at 2-1 or better.
With a strong possiblity of Multiple overlays here, I would pass the race if there were 3
in this race according to my line.
If any of my contenders fallt to 3/2 or below, I would pass as well.


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SAR 08-30-09 Races 1 And 3

August 30, 2009

Race – 1


Race – 3


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