Making A Living betting Horses (My Opinion Of What It May Involve And Imply)

Making A Living betting Horses (My Opinion Of What It May Involve And Imply)

If you are a casual player or weekend warrior, you do not fit into this equation.

1 – Using Programs

In my opinion, there are very few programs available that will yield  a 10% ROI and you will lose with
Being a mechanical entity, most will fail to see the hidden entities that have a direct impact on a given race.
If you are successful at 10%. You would be putting $ 200,000 at risk to yield a meager $ 20,000 in a year.
can you live on that?
As well, you would be playing and handicapping 50 – 60 races a week and need a minimal $ 2000 bankroll to start.
The trick might be to keep doubling your starting bankroll. I don’t suggest playing low handle tracks.

2 – Betting To Win

Betting to win, in my mind is the only way to be successful at the game in the long run.
If you are not a value oriented player you will more then likely fail.
Betting the exotics will also cause one to fail in the long run.
It is hard enough to play into a 15 – 17% track edge. With the exotics your playing against a 24 – 27% edge.
You may get lucky on occasion but over time you will give it all back and then some.
I cannot say there may be exceptions to this, but if there are, which I strongly doubt, it would have to be proven to me.
I have not see it. Have you?

3 – Betting 2 Horses To Win

Betting 2 horses can be done, value permitting (1 -2% of bettable races) but not frequently.
There are those that say they are successful always betting 2 horses to win.
When asked them to provide their picks before the fact, they decline and say they have nothing to prove.
If this be the case, why make the statement?

4 – Place and Show Betting.

I’ll make this very short. This has never been and never be an option for me.

There are those that will disagree with my thinking. I have no quarrel with that.
However, If you have criticism on my way of thinking I have no quarrel with that as well.
Just add something constructive to the topic and in a congenial manner.

I will address all comments on my blog


One Response to Making A Living betting Horses (My Opinion Of What It May Involve And Imply)

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks Bill for the insite and I could not agree more with everything you said. I have been dreaming of making a living playing the ponies ( I play every day anyway) but just have not found the confidence to “go for it” Pace and Fiero have helped alot but still struggling putting together my top 3 or 4 contenders.
    Your postings are helping me so thanks and keep up the good work.

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